Counterpart to German
Mainstream Idealism

He fell out with Fichte, Schelling and Hegel, but not so with his poodle "Butz": Arthur Schopenhauer is known for his polemics against other philosophers, his pessimistic basic attitude, but also for his good readability.
The new comic in the series "Philosophische Einstiege" shows the life and thinking of Schopenhauer in over 100 short, understandable essays.




October 14, 2021

Frankfurt Book Fair

from 20 - 24 October.

Please note our highlights from last year.





October 12, 2021

Book Presentation: "Lethe-Effekte"

Gudrun Heidemann (Ed.): Lethe-Effekte at October 28th

September 13, 2021

New Catalog

of Literature and Culture