Games as a shaping influence for culture

Jakob Huizinga's timeless classic "Homo Ludens" from 1938 is now also available in the new German translation by Annette Wunschel.
Huizinga explores games not only as a cultural phenomenon, but as a decisive shaping force for culture and unfolds its forms using examples from numerous disciplines such as law, language, philosophy or art.



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March 1, 2023

Passing of Hugo Schmale

We mourn the loss of our author Hugo Schmale.

February 10, 2023

Cy Twombly Exhibition in New York

Guided tour and book signing by Thierry Greub - Thursday 23 February 2023, 6pm

February 1, 2023

Award: International Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler Prize for Sven Lüder

Our author Sven Lüder won the international Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler Prize 2022 for his dissertation on autofiction in Elfriede Jelinek.