The visualization of the individual
in antiquity

Portraits of Greek and Roman antiquity were intended to portray personalities as unique or to emphasize their attachment to common values. The individual was given a vivid form and thus became permanent.
Combining case studies with reflections, this volume examines the preconditions for the creation of ancient portraits, the medial conditions of the processes of creation, and the potency of the form.


Ikonologie Band 2


October 27, 2020

Podcast about the book "Der kleine Film"

Linda Waack's dissertation "Der kleine Film" deals with amateur films from the period of National Socialism and deals with this small form as a historiographical and film theoretical factor. Listen to the podcast now!

May 6, 2020

Brill Deutschland GmbH übernimmt das Programm des Verlags Die Blaue Eule

Der internationale Wissenschaftsverlag übernimmt das Programm des in Essen ansässigen Verlags DIE BLAUE EULE.