Beendigung mit und in Musik

in Poetica
AutorIn: Peter Gülke1
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  • 1 Dirigent, Musikwissenschaftler, Musikschriftsteller, Weimar, Deutschland

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When it comes to the ‘end’, music and what it is connected with – certain practices, dance, text – mutually enrich each other. Phrasings and movements occur as smaller units of any motion and therefore as breaks and endings of very different kinds and dosages. In a song, the text is finished earlier than the music. Due to the convincing force of emotionality, music can help to end ‘illogical’ action where logic is impossible. How music ends by itself only becomes problematic when it is not bound to words or action. What is needed are rituals and fixed cadential formulas, which often are at odds with whatever has been dealt with before.


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