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Papers from The Fifth Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift

Hermann J. Real
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Containing thirty-one lectures deliv-ered at the Fifth Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift in May 2006, this volume testifies to the broad spectrum of research interests in the Dean of St Patrick’s, Dublin, and his work. The essays have been grouped in nine sections: theoretical approaches (A. C. Elias, Jr, Melinda Rabb); bio-graphical problems (W. B. Carno-chan, João Fróes); bibliographical and textual studies (James E. May, Stephen Karian, James McLaverty); A Tale of a Tub (Marcus Walsh, Allan Ingram, Frank T. Boyle); historical, religious, and political issues (Sean Connolly, Ian Higgins, Howard D. Weinbrot, Toby C. Barnard, Valerie Rumbold); poetry (Clive T. Probyn, John Irwin Fischer, Dirk F. Passmann and Hermann J. Real; James Wool-ley); Swift and Ireland (Joseph McMinn, Sabine Baltes, Sean Moore); Gulliver’s Travels (Ann C. Kelly, Serge Soupel, Clement Hawes, J. A. Downie); and Reception and Adapta-tion (Peter Sabor, Sabine Wendel, Flavio Gregory, Gabriella Hartvig, Michael Düring).

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