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Cultural Representations of Housing across Media
Few ideas are as universally key, basic and primal as “home”. Few ideas require more attention and new, critical re-examination in recognition of ongoing social change. In the post-pandemic and ecological reflection on how we live and approach “home” in its diverse definitions, engagement with this topic is only bound to grow in the future. This rapidly rising interest in the multidisciplinary field of housing studies is reflected also by our collection, which can be seen as an introduction to the entire research area thanks to the opening chapter, outlining its history and complexity. The following chapters by an international group of scholars representing different generations and methodological approaches examine some of the many meanings of home, houses or housing as they have been expressed in Western culture, not only across time but also across varied media: from traditional and digital theatre, through varied literary genres, to film and television, photography and street art.
Classical Theories and New Perspectives
Cultural memory has been a concept for already 30 years. But what is social memory? The topics of memory, remembering and forgetting are meeting with increasing resonance in sociology. This introduction to the sociology of memory is the first to systematically develop some of the basic theories in this field and to provide an overview of the issues and problems involved.
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Series Editor: Kurt Beiersdörfer
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Series Editor: Mihran Dabag
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Die Frage »Was ist gerecht?« wird nicht allein in der Sphäre der Ökonomie oder des Rechts entschieden. Zu ihrer Beantwortung bedarf es normativer Diskurse innerhalb der symbolischen Systeme von Sprache, Kunst Religion und Philosophie. In diesen Diskursen werden Maßstäbe und Kriterien der Gerechtigkeit ausbuchstabiert und reflektiert. In ihrem Zusammenhang bilden sie eine »Kultur der Gerechtigkeit«, d. h. eine bestimmte Art und Weise, wie in einer Gesellschaft oder einer Epoche soziale Konflikte thematisiert und diskutiert werden.
Am Beispiel Russlands stellt die Reihe Untersuchungen dessen vor, wie sich die unterschiedlichen Kulturen der Gerechtigkeit herausbilden und in der Gegenwart funktionieren. Sie zeigen, wie sich die Zusammenwirkung philosophischer, religiöser und literarischer Vorstellungen von der Gerechtigkeit in Geschichte und Gegenwart Russlands vollzieht und die alltäglichen sowie die öffentlich-politischen Diskurse prägt.

Die Reihe wurde bis 2015 gemeinsam mit dem Verlag Ferdinand Schöningh herausgegeben. Die Bände 3 und 10 sind daher noch in beiden Verlagen erhältlich.
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Forgetting and Forgetfulness in Modern Science
Author: Oliver Dimbath
The book offers a fundamental view on the problem of forgetting in sociology in general and within sociology of knowledge. Furthermore it focuses – as a case study – on the field of modern science. With recourse to the term ‚oblivionism‘, originally introduced with ironic-critical intent by the german romance scholar Harald Weinrich, it analyzes the fundamental and multifaceted problem of the loss of knowledge in the field of science.
A declarative-reflective, an incorporated-practical and an objectified-technical memory motif is at the centre. These form the basis for the development of the three forms of forgetting that are also central to modern science: forgetfulness, wanting to forget and, ultimately, making one forget.
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