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Derek Walcott und Joseph Conrad
Author: Kathrin Härtl
„Between us there was, as I have already said somewhere, the bond of the sea“: so schreibt Joseph Conrad, der als Wegbereiter des modernism sowie nostalgischer kolonialistischer Schriftsteller des Empire gilt. Der karibische Nobelpreisträger Derek Walcott greift Conrads „bond of the sea“ auf und refiguriert diese Verbindung. Kathrin Härtls Monographie ist die erste vergleichende Untersuchung der Beziehung von Joseph Conrad und Derek Walcott und ihrer literarischen Texte. Anhand von drei Denkfiguren und drei Schreibformen untersucht sie die Bündnisse, Verbindungen, Verpflichtungen und Fesseln zwischen Walcott und Conrad. Die intertextuellen Bezüge besiegeln zwar den Bund zwischen den Autoren, doch die Verflechtungen der Texte gehen über diese verbürgten Referenzen hinaus.
In: The Common Bond of the Sea
In: The Common Bond of the Sea
In: The Common Bond of the Sea
In: The Common Bond of the Sea
In: The Common Bond of the Sea
Reflections on / of German Unification (1990-2015)
25 Years Berlin Republic takes stock of the state of German unification a quarter of a century into the ongoing project that is the Berlin Republic. Thirteen scholars, artists, and public figures from diverse backgrounds document the changing hopes and fears, successes and challenges, that face the republic as it negotiates its way through the 21st century. Taking up a broad assessment of German culture ranging from sports to religion, painting to map-making, film to foreign policy, these studies combine personal experiences with critical analysis in order to understand the Berlin Republic today. The resulting portrait reveals a complex, diverse, and constantly-developing Republic that continues to ask the same essential question that has been at the center of discussions since the dramatic events that gave birth to the Republic: “Sind wir ein Volk?”
What is practice-based literary research? While literature as a discipline is currently not represented in the artistic research discourse, individual writers and scholars have ties to a variety of institutional constellations in which overlaps between literature, art, and research become manifest. 16 of them expand on their methodological approaches as well as their practice, and they analyse exemplary case studies.
Author: Tine Melzer


Literature produces images by putting the words in the best possible order; non-literary writing, reflection, argumentation, analysis, and critique are done by writing, too. Both modes of writing use language as their material. By using the different status and value of autonomous and discursive modes of writing we can find a departure point for supporting a productive methodology in artistic research in literature.

A selection of instruments borrowed from philosophy and visual arts connect to show an experiential and practice-based approach, such as ‘aspect seeing,’ the concept of poetic charge and images in language. Aspect seeing is a crucial perceptive and cognitive mechanism and apt to disclose interrelations between production and interpretation of literature.

In: Artistic Research and Literature
In: Artistic Research and Literature