Artistic Research and Literature

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What is practice-based literary research? While literature as a discipline is currently not represented in the artistic research discourse, individual writers and scholars have ties to a variety of institutional constellations in which overlaps between literature, art, and research become manifest. 16 of them expand on their methodological approaches as well as their practice, and they analyse exemplary case studies.


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Corina Caduff and Tan Wälchli

Introducing Literature in the Discourse of Artistic Research


Jan Baetens

Writing Cannot Tell Everything


Fredrik Nyberg

The Writing and the Doing—about Artistic Research through a Writing Practice


Maya Rasker

A Letter to Foucault


Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes

Minor Literature in and of Artistic Research 


Redell Olsen

Writing Scripto-Visual Costumes and Columns of Air


Maria Fusco

No Assignment for Cowards: What Is to Be Gained through Interdisciplinary Research?


Daniela Cascella

Something More and Something Else: Language as Excess and Material [3]


Salomé Voegelin

Writing Sonic Fictions: Literature as a Portal into the Possibility of Art Research


Vincent Broqua

Practice-Based Literary Research as Activated Inquiry


Ferdinand Schmatz

NOW is Always. NOW is Never. On the Immediacy and Mediation of ‘Message’ in Poetry


Alexander Damianisch

Poetics of Understanding: Language Arts and Artistic Research


Tine Melzer

Aspect Change and Poetic Charge as Tools for Artistic Research in Literature 


Anneleen Masschelein

Who’s Peaked? Chris Kraus’s Writing Performances as a Case Study for Twenty-First Century Writing Culture


Thomas Strässle

Translation Laboratory: Oskar Pastior’s Applied Translation Research


Kathrin Busch

Phantasmagorical Research: How Theory Becomes Art in the Work of Roland Barthes


Tan Wälchli

The Vienna Group’s ‘Research for’ the Language Arts: Konrad Bayer, “karl ein karl” (1962)