Wilhelm Fink History


The Wilhelm Fink Verlag is an academic book publishing house based in Paderborn. Wilhelm Fink publishes well-known journals such as "Poetica" and "Sprache und Literatur" and about 150 new titles per year.

The Beginnings in Munich

It was founded in Munich in 1962 by Wilhelm Fink, a former editor of the Deutsche Verlags Anstalt (DVA). Initially, the program mainly specialized in literary and philosophical literature. In particular, the Romance Studies of Constance Provenance, from which the series Poetik und Hermeneutik emerged, and Slavic Studies as well as Philosophical Studies were focal points of the publishing program. From 1971 onwards, Wilhelm Fink Verlag became a partner of utb (Uni-Taschenbücher), which was founded in Stuttgart in 1970. This was the beginning of a friendly exchange between the publishers Wilhelm Fink and Ferdinand Schöningh.

Moving to Paderborn: Takeover by Ferdinand Schöningh

When Wilhelm Fink couldn’t continue to conduct business, Ferdinand Schöningh took over Wilhelm Fink Verlag in 1973. After several years of remaining in Munich, the company headquarters eventually moved from Munich to Paderborn in 2001. In the course of time, the publishing program was constantly expanded to include Image and Media Studies, cultural history and architecture.

Becoming Part of Brill

In 2017, the publishing houses Wilhelm Fink and Ferdinand Schöningh became imprints of Brill Deutschland GmbH. This affiliation with the traditional publishing house Brill, with its headquarters in Leiden, the Netherlands, and further branches in Boston, Singapore and Beijing, was a great gain for Wilhelm Fink, especially in view of the international visibility and digital availability of the program. Brill N.V. was founded in 1683 and is one of the leading international publishers in the humanities and social sciences. With its more than three hundred years of history, the publishing house is the ideal partner with whom Wilhelm Fink Verlag is ideally positioned for the future of scholarly publishing.
In January 2018, the publishing house mentis also joined the distinguished company group of specialist humanities publishers. Since March 1, 2021, the renowned Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlage have also joined Brill. Together with Wilhelm Fink, Ferdinand Schöningh, and mentis they now form Brill Deutschland GmbH.

The publisher's textbooks and textbooks for students continue to appear in the "Red Series" of the university textbooks published by utb (Uni Taschenbücher, a cooperation of several academic publishing houses) in Stuttgart.

Wilhelm Fink is Partner of REFORC.