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This contribution asks how we can situate literature’s participation in the artistic research field: is there an advantage to its ‘belatedness’? My thoughts go into three directions: institutional affordances; Marcel Duchamp’s effects; and the notion of minor literatures. I refer to Aby Warburg, James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Dora García, Brian O’Doherty, and others. For literature, I see the artistic research debate as an opportunity to work in and with the ‘minor’: a call for solidarity among those in the margins. Through its ‘belatedness,’ literature can avoid normative elements of the artistic research debate and graduate to describing and valuing the diversity that is being created, recouping the ‘artness’ of this work—and acting on a systemic level.

In: Artistic Research and Literature