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Beginning with the question of the logic and aporias of modern representation – from the genesis of sovereignty to democratic constitutions – the essay discusses the theoretical structure of representation according to Eric Voegelin and the latter’s critique of Carl Schmitt. In this regard, the necessary relationship with the idea implicit in representation and the relevance of the reference to Plato are brought into focus. On this basis, some reasons for the crisis of modern democracy are spelt out. The task that comes to us from Voegelin, beyond his political proposal, is to think about the order of society in a way that is different from the state-form, in such a way that it does not contradict the structure of representation as an experience of transcendence.

In: Democracy and Representation
Eric Voegelin-Studies: Supplements flankiert als wissenschaftliche Buchreihe das 2022 startende Eric-Voegelin-Jahrbuch und bietet ein ideales Forum, spezifische Aspekte der dort erscheinenden Beiträge weiter auszuführen. So entstehen Spielräume für kleinere oder größere Monografien sowie Publikationen mehrerer Autor:innen. Wie das Yearbook sind die Supplements als internationales und interdisziplinäres Projekt konzipiert. Sie sollen den wissenschaftlichen Austausch und die internationale Zusammenarbeit über Voegelins Werk erweitern.
Eric Voegelin-Studies: Supplements offers an ideal forum to further elaborate on specific aspects of the contributions in the Yearbook. This creates scope for smaller or larger monographs as well as publications by several authors. The Supplements are conceived as an international and interdisciplinary project. They are intended to expand scholarly exchange and international collaboration on Voegelin’s work.