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Aesthetic and Ethical Transformations
This volume explores and expands a Wittgensteinian account of philosophy as an ongoing practice and exercise. It investigates the simultaneously aesthetic and ethical dimension of philosophical exercises, so as to uncover their transformative potential for and within ordinary practice, conceived of as a weave of trained, embodied habits. For this purpose, the volume focuses on three intertwined aspects:
1. It examines the aesthetic form of Wittgenstein’s texts, so as to consider the use of pictures, comparisons, and instructions as exercises to be enacted by readers, and further analyzes the transformative effects – both aesthetic and ethical – that such exercises bring out.
2. It draws a number of connections between Wittgenstein’s philosophical exercises and particular aesthetic practices.
3. It sheds light on continuities and discontinuities between Wittgenstein’s account of philosophy and the ancient conception of philosophy as an exercise and a way of life.
Transdisziplinäre Perspektiven
Die Reihe „Ästhetische Praxis“ widmet sich der Untersuchung von Praxis-Dimensionen der Künste aus transdisziplinärer Perspektive, aber auch der Erforschung alltäglicher ästhetischer Praktiken. Thematisiert werden soll, wie sich Kunstwerke als Manifestationen von Praktiken, etwa von Übungen, Proben, Improvisationen, Schreibprozessen, Akten des Skizzierens oder Entwerfens, verstehen lassen. Diese Praktiken können darüber hinaus in ihrem jeweiligen ästhetischen Eigenwert betrachtet sowie in Kontexten jenseits der Kunstwelt erforscht werden. Weitere Schwerpunkte bilden Arbeiten zu ästhetischen Praktiken im Kontext einer postkolonialen Ästhetik sowie tätigkeitstheoretische Untersuchungen zum Verhältnis von Handeln, Praxis und ästhetischer Praxis, die die aktuelle praxeologische Wende in den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften um eine ästhetische Perspektive ergänzen.

The series “Aesthetic Practice” is dedicated to the investigation of practice dimensions of the arts from a transdisciplinary perspective, but also to the exploration of everyday aesthetic practices.It will address how works of art can be understood as manifestations of practices, such as exercises, rehearsals, improvisations, writing processes, acts of sketching or designing. These practices can furthermore be considered in their eespective aesthetic intrinsic value as well as explored in contexts beyond the art world. Other focal points include work on aesthetic practices in the context of a postcolonial aesthetics as well as activity-theoretical investigations of the relationship between action, practice, and aesthetic practice, which complement the current praxeological turn in the humanities and social sciences with an aesthetic perspective.