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der Romanpoetik in der Kategorie der „strange images“ erweist sich als logische Konsequenz von Lawrences Anthropo- logie des ganzen Menschen. Sein erster moderner Roman The Rainbow folgt der monistischen Prämisse und vereint Körper und Geist, Sein und Bedeutung in einer visionären Bildlichkeit. Die

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between melan­ choly and genius within the realm of the humane. The sixth book of the Iliad illustrates this: 26 GÜNTER BLAMBERGER “But the day soon came when even Bellerophon was hated by all the gods. Across the Alean plain he wandered, all alone, eating his heart out, a fugitive on the run from

In: Figuring Death, Figuring Creativity: On the Power of Aesthetic Ideas

, 1990), Rhinestones ( Der Strass , 1990), and The Land Behind the Rainbow ( Das Land hinter dem Regenbogen , 1991). The first film depicts cabaret performances of two sarcastic clowns Meh and Weh (Steffen Mensching and Hans-Eckart Wenzel) as they travel – modern-day picaros – across the desolate

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children like Jimmy who are bored with school and hattered by life. 13 On street corners and playgrounds across the city, young- sters often no older than 10 relate with uncanny accuracy the names of important dealers in their neighborhoods, and the going rate for their wares. For the uninitiated they

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burial despite their suicides. In the church register the incident is referred to as a “murder and suicide.” 18 The two were found dead by the hired man Riebisch. As the proceedings report by court fiscal Felgentreu states: in a small pit, about one foot deep and three feet across, facing each

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clothes.6 As well as owers permanently xed on fashion fabric, Elizabethan and Stuart courtiers of both sexes wore oriate gems and feather trimmings in their hair and across their hats, some en tremblant on stalks to appear like › nature ‹. Floriate forms were there- fore traced all over the dress of

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theoretical. But there was a way to participate in the balloon craze – you could buy small paper balloons, sent aloft by lighting a wick dipped in spirits of wine which provided sufficient hot air to make the bal- loon rise and sail satisfyingly off across the sky. These were sold first in London, then in

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long been a tenet of informed ICT praxis – which continues the ancient tradition of crossing between boundary markers established by Hermes. 2.4 Delivery A message is always delivered across a spatiotemporal distance (from Heaven to Earth, from Olympus to the world of mortals, from a battle to

In: Messages and Messengers - Von Boten und Botschaften

Ästhetik in the form of ironic devil’s advocacy, is more emphatic in Lukács’ Theorie des Ro- mans. The blinding reflection – “blendender Glanz”41 – of the Greek world, carried across the ages in art, makes modernity oblivious to the fragmentari- ness and artificiality of its own world. A world of

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myself im- mersed in Renaissance natural histories and early printed catalogues of cabinets of curiosities, the preliminary work that would eventually result in Possessing Nature.9 Repeatedly I came across passages in which naturalists and collectors described curi- ous phenomena as lusus naturae. It

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