„Deine Tora ist in meinen Eingeweiden“ (Ps 40,9)

Der Psalter und die Entdeckung des „inneren Menschen“

in Religionspraxis und Individualität
Autor:in: Bernd Janowski

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The contribution turns to the topic of „inner man“ in the Old Testament and especially in the Psalms. After a preliminary remark on the history of ideas, the Old Testament story of the „inner man“ is reconstructed using the example of older proverbs (aspect: sincerity), deuteronomic texts (aspect: internalization) and the individual psalms (aspect: self-awareness). Two excursions on creation by God and on the heart as the place of the Torah complete the picture. The other occurrences of the topic in the Lamentations and in the books of Jeremiah, Job, Kohelet and Sirach will only be discussed in passing.

Religionspraxis und Individualität

Die Bedeutung von Persönlicher Frömmigkeit und Family Religion für das Personkonzept in der Antike