Israel and the cosmological Empires of the Ancient Orient

Symbols of Order in Eric Voegelin’s Order and History, Vol. I


BandherausgeberInnen Ignacio Carbajosa und Nicoletta Scotti Muth
Since the publication of the German edition of Israel and Revelation a noteworthy turnaround in the method of conducting research on this book has taken place.
The innovation consisted of bringing its interdisciplinary nature into greater relief, an aim which is further pursued by the essays collected in the present volume. Its four thematic sections focus respectively on civilization forms, on the order of human history, on specific aspects of Old Testament exegesis, and finally on the meaning of the term “revelation” in the context of the biblical events narrated.

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Ignacio Carbajosa ist Professor für das Alte Testament an der San Dámaso University (Madrid) und Herausgeber der Zeitschrift „Estudios Bíblicos”.
Nicoletta Scotti Muth ist Hauptherausgeberin der italienischen Ausgabe von Eric Voegelin‘s Order and History ( Vita e Pensiero) und seit 2015 Vorsitzende der Eric-Voegelin-Gesellschaft.